Definition of Boudoir

A Woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. The term derives from the French verb bouder (to sulk or pout) or adjective boudeur (sulking). The room was originally a space for sulking in, or one to put away or withdrawn to. If pleasant, or elegantly furnished, to which a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive intimate friends, a lady's (or sometimes gentleman's) private room. Of, relating to, or suggestive of sexual intimacy.

Basically, I think we can all agree that having your own space to let loose and be alone is priceless. Boudoir photography captures an essence of intimacy that you wouldn't necessarily see on a regular basis. A lot of women put themselves last when they are busy taking care of their families and working full time. Having even a moment of time to yourself is something we can take for granted sometimes.

Why do a Boudoir portrait session?

Boudoir portrait sessions are a way to invest in yourself by having a pampering session dedicated to you. Getting your hair and makeup done, sipping on mimosas while listening to your favorite tunes while divulging in girl talk is something we don't get to do very often. It has the power to ultimately change your life because it boosts your confidence and shows you just what a bad a** you are. You don't have to be a model to do this, and how you are in this very moment in time is perfect. Don't let society ruin how you see yourself if you aren't a size zero, everyone is unique and different and that's what makes you special. There is only one of you and never forget that.